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June 18, 2011
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CONTEST ENTRY - Don't Say No by theladywithglasses CONTEST ENTRY - Don't Say No by theladywithglasses
I don't know if this can count as an entry for the contest at the :iconoctoberstreetfc: because it's not so much focused on Envi. I'll enter it anyway.

So, Katy (Left) became lonley once all of her friends left school. She ended up sitting on her own all the time. Classes, dinner, ect. She was sat by a lake one day when a girl appeared before her, soaking wet. The girl then said, "Kill all those who hurt you, be just like me..." Katy looked at her, confused. Once she saw the dead children in the lake, she screamed, "No!" Before running off. Months passed and Katy saw the girl everyday, coming to get her. Once she attempts suicide, Katy is then placed in Carlonville Asylum. One night she goes for a walk. the next day, staff discover Katy. The police treat it as a suicide, but with the words "Don't say NO!" written on the wall in blood, the answer is unclear.

I hope I didn't mess around with Envi's story to much for it to fit Katy's. Sorry if I did ^^''''

Wish me luck in the contest!

Envi :iconoctoberstreet:
Katy Me
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XD this made me laugh.... i dont know why... i scared myself...
xD Thank you :3
OctoberStreet Jun 19, 2011
Sweet! 8D Similar thing happened to my main character who was a survivor of the drowning. From that, he was truamatized and has a case of paranoia and insomnia since Envi haunt's his dreams and he belives she is out to get him, though he was never sent to the asylum due to him falling in a coma...thanks to B.L >_>;;; but in the end, when he comes out of his coma, Envi posses him and runs him into the street, causing an accident and killing him. It's treated as a suicide as well, but B.L knows better. He was Envi's childhood crush, thus why she never wanted to let him go and paniced when he refused to drown the others. It was puppy love gone wrong.
I like your take on this, it's really interesting and I feel bad for Katy! D: You didn't mess up Envi's story much, Envi would have reacted the very same way she did here, Kutos!~ XD
Nice entry and good luck :D!~
Thank you very much ^^

I'm glad I didn't mess up Envi's story to much. I was panicing incase I did :D

I know I'm going to sound like noob but could you explain who B.L is? and maybe what B.L stands for? I'm sorry I'm such a noob D:
xMagicChicx Jun 19, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
lawl. so awesome but the weird thing is i'm listening to taylor swift, should've said no
Thank you (:
xMagicChicx Jun 19, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
:icondizzyplz: :iconwelcomeplz:
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